Mittkin's differentiator is that we address the whole challenge as it exists in your business and market ecosystem.
We focus on understanding your business, customers and market to align customer needs with your business goals
in order to develop an effective marketing solution that inspires growth.

From a field sales force driven organization to an ecommerce model we put marketing & sales
solutions into place that are realistic, executable, ROI oriented and supported by the organization.


Digital Marketing & Sales Solutions

Digital Marketing Strategy
Customer Centric Focus

Start with a solid digital marketing plan that is connected to all your marketing efforts and has the support of the stakeholders.  Ensure you know why the marketing tactics you choose are the right ones and that they can be measured for success.  Learn how we can create a plan that can be executed and drives real sales results.

Website Development
Provide a Great Customer Experience

Developing an easy to use site, with rich content that engages prospects and customers is critical to your business success.  We are experts at driving traffic and converting leads into customers.

Online Advertising
Find and Attract More Customers

Google advertising is a great place to start, and we are experts at creating effective campaigns that produce results.  However, there are a number of other options to explore like facebook advertising, retargeting and more. 

Social Media
Expand your Reach & Influence

Maintaining a social media presence takes a lot of time if you are to keep customers engaged, coming back and sharing.  And, social media may or may not even be right for you company.  Let us help you learn if social media can improve your bottom line. 

Email Automation Marketing
Increase Leads & Conversions

Email is still a cost effective way to capture incremental revenue from customers and prospects. Our expertise in  automation, customer segmentation, customizing messages and tracking results will make you glad you took your email marketing to the next level. 

CRM Lead Generation
Improve Sales Results

The heart of where your customer information flows should be to your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).  If you are not using a CRM today we can help set one up and start utilizing this wealth of customer information to drive more sales.

Customer Research
Get the Insights that Matter Most

Learn what your customers really care about and what their buying triggers are. Know what they think about your products and services, what holds them back from buying more and what will get them to spend more money.  Plus, learn about untapped opportunities for new customer segments.

The Connectivity of Things
Leverage Digital Technology

Today, marketing and technology go hand in hand.   How well you integrate your marketing with your CRM, email, customer behavior, leads and opportunities makes the difference between growing organizations vs those that struggle.  Let us help you choose and manage your platforms to maximize their effectiveness, find and win more opportunities.

Brand Development
Win Customers' Hearts and Minds

Your brand is as unique as your fingerprint. The reputation of your service and quality by customers become your brand.  This is why it is critical to control how people experience and talk about you.

Your brand reputation is also what distinguishes you from your competitors. If you have not found the message that resonates with customers and prospects, we will find and develop the voice that creates the impression you need to stand out.

Business Operation Essentials

Business Vision, Goals & Strategy
Align the Organization

Maybe it's time for a quick reality check.  Is your vision the right one?  Does it include all the market factors, your resources and capabilities?  If so, do you have the right strategy and tactics in place to achieve the goals that will fulfill your vision?  More than ambition and beliefs, we can bring sound data and insights into your decision process to give you the best chance of success.

Business Intelligence
Utilize your Data to Achieve Goals

Hidden inside your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis are the business insights you need to significantly improve bottom line results.  Learn how we can help you know your business from a whole new perspective.

Systems & Processes
Efficiently Execute & Repeat Outcomes

We're talking about productivity. How much are your employees really getting accomplished? Before you take the expensive step of hiring another person, let's investigate how work is happening today.  By improving your most common work activities, we can free up time and money that should be reinvested into the business.


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