If you’re not moving forward
you’re being left behind


Do you say these things to yourself?

  1. I need new customers and to sell more to existing customers

  2. Our marketing activities are too manual. We’re wasting time and getting few results

  3. Our technology is outdated. Sales CRM, The Website, Marketing Automation,and more?

  4. The product positioning and value proposition is not resonating with customers enough


At mittkin, our pragmatic and effective process
helps you find, acquire and retain more business customers

Our unique style also creates a frictionless customer experience
throughout their buying process and beyond…

Marketing Technology, Strategy, and Campaign Development with Tactical Like Execution
20 Years of Business to Business and Business to Distributor Experience

Let’s talk. There’s no better time than the present:
Peter Van Schaack, Managing Director: 336-686-3382


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Hey, B2B marketing can still be fun!


We’ll find the elephant in the room
and dispose of it discreetly

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We us technology and insights to
uncover the correlations and gaps
unseen by others.

This allows us to create better solutions
and find new markets.



Our well vetted and finely honed business acumen
comes from decades of experience.

Experience? Well, that comes from thinking too soon that you’ve got this business acumen thing figured out.

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Managing Director, Peter Van Schaack, 336-686-3382