Develop compelling product positioning through meaningful customer and market insights

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Through qualitative and quantitative research we expose insights to develop product positioning and content.
Additionally, we will uncover the best marketing channels to reach your qualified prospects. 

Our research just as easily uncovers what it takes to deepen existing customer relationships to increase sales
and depth of services.

Customer and prospect data collection methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Individual interviews
  • Customer intercepts
  • Surveys to your customers, prospects and lost business
  • Surveys to opted-in and qualified business and consumer groups
  • Your existing email, web and other campaign analytics

Market research data collection methods:

  • Google trends
  • Google correlate
  • Google & Bing search result analysis
  • Industry reports

From these collection methods we will build a comprehensive report with insights that will shape the language, positioning and targeting of your marketing campaigns.


Have you met your customer?

They are insightful, demanding, knowledgable, ignorant, wonderful, mean, considerate, happy, family oriented, loaner, nut jobs.

Yep, all that and more.  And, they all want and consume information in different ways. They have their own filters and biases.  They also want to find a company to believe in so they can buy their products and services.

We take a consumerism and humanism approach to creating the content, marketing and sales approach that works across all of your customer types. By blending what you say about your products combined with how customers experience and form opinions about your company, we shape the image and brand you need to stand out from your competitors.

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