Use The Right Digital Advertising

There are a lot of options for spending money on online advertising.  Only a few are likely right for your business. We will help you determine the right online marketing / advertising channels to use, develop measurable goals and create and manage these campaigns.

Having managed millions of dollars in online advertising budgets and generating healthy returns for our clients, we are confident we can deliver exceptional results to your bottom line.

Our track record is consistent in making money, optimizing ad efficiency and lowering cost per acquisition.  Let us show you a great way to start or improve your online marketing efforts today.

Digital Channel Analysis (in english this is finding the best way to advertise online)

Before we start we will provide an analysis of the digital marketing channels that will have the greatest bang for your buck.  Using several tools we will analyze your market and customer segments to determine how and where you should be advertising before you spend an ad dime.


Top Advertising Options

  • Google pay per click (PPC)
  • Google display ads
  • Google business / local
  • Facebook ads
  • Bing
  • Display and ad retargeting

Services Provided

  • Goal setting and measurement
  • Campaign development & management
  • Ad creation
  • Copy / creative
  • Landing page development
  • Analytics & optimization

Google and other online advertising

Increase your sales by adding or improving your online advertising. We are experts at google advertising and can help you maximize your return on investment.  

There are many misconceptions about how much online advertising costs and how it works.  Let us provide a complimentary assessment of your unique needs and we will let you know if we think you can make money advertising online and what it would cost to develop and maintain online advertising. 


Services we provide:

  • Upfront information whether online advertising is right for you
  • Deep analytical insights that lower your costs and increase profit
  • Improved targeting so you don't waste money
  • Ad design and set up.
  • Integration with your digital systems (CRM, Mail, Website)
  • Improved conversion funnel so more people take the action you want
  • Ad testing and refinement
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Spread the Word on Social Media

Before we dive into social, let us help you determine if social is right for you. Contrary to many beliefs, social media is not right for every business. There are a number of considerations that we will walk you through to help you get the most bang for your marketing dollar.


Services on Social

  • Content planning and creation
  • Social monitoring and posting
  • Contest development
  • Campaign development and measurement

eMail and Text Marketing

Make an IMPACT with your next email campaign. From the most basic email and SMS needs to complex integration with your CRM and campaign automation platform we can improve the open, click and response rates of your campaigns.


eMail and SMS Services

  • Campaign creation, automation and measurement
  • Content development
  • Conversion tracking
  • eMail and web landing page design
  • Managing your email / SMS calendar

Call us today for a complimentary marketing assessment. We would enjoy hearing about your aspirations and your challenges. (336) 686-3382