We optimize online advertising.

Below you see a simple ROI calculator for online advertising.  Plug a few numbers in and you can see if you are making money or not.  Here is where we come in. To us, each of these fields is an opportunity for more profitable marketing. 

We help you improve every value of this equation through your entire marketing and sales process.  Here's how:

  1. More than the number of clicks, we will get you more qualified clicks, by improving the key words and ads.
  2. The cost per click can come down, by eliminating expensive words that do not convert to business at a price that makes you money.
  3. With better targeting we will bring down the total amount you spend on advertising.
  4. Whether you are generating online sales or developing leads, we will help you improve the sales funnel process to increase all conversions, even on consultative selling.
  5. As we improve all aspects of your online advertising and sales process your cost per acquisition will improve.

Let us help you run the below analysis to show you how online advertising can contribute more to your bottom line. Call to set up a meeting. 336-383-2205