mittkin delivers best in class marketing strategies, planning, and execution. We deliver comprehensive and actionable marketing solutions that address your business challenges to help you achieve your business goals.  Having worked with Fortune 500's and small businesses alike we understand how resources and needs differ.  But, the goal is the same.  Deliver effective marketing.

Marketing & Sales Integration
Goals, Strategy, Planning & Tactics

The number of times these words are used interchangeably, even by Fortune 500's is a bit scary.   Additionally, the plans for marketing and sales are often done independently, when they could not be more intimately dependent on each other.

However, worry not, we will clear things up so you can pass along to others in your organization. 

Marketing and Sales Goals:  What are the desired objectives and outcomes? There can be several, but they should be prioritized by impact on the organization and complexity to achieve. Further, goals must be measurable.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: The marketing strategy is the foundation of your marketing plan. It takes into account market research, product positioning, pricing, SWOT analysis and goals to explain the reasoning behind how you market your products, pricing and positioning to achieve your goals.

Marketing and Sales Plan: The plan is a detailed account of HOW you execute the strategy.  What are the tactics, channels and methods for enacting the strategy and meeting goals.  

Tactics: These are the individual things you do to meet your goals and make your strategy work.  

Example: The strategy is to sell products into vertical markets like hospitals.  The plan is consists of all the tactics you need to employ to make the strategy work.

If you are doing things that don't directly support your goals and strategy with the greatest impact then you are off track and wasting time and money.


We Hear You: "How will it be
different this time?"


Nothing is more frustrating or wasteful than to use an agency to develop a plan that is never executed.  We agree. That is why we are Marketing Practitioners.  Not an agency.

While our plans are robust and effective, we ensure that they are also executable with the resources (people and money) you have.  Further, we will get the necessary buy-in from all stakeholders across the organization to ensure success.


We follow a simple rule:  Marketing plans and strategy are as simple as possible and only as complex as they need to be to achieve your goals.


Develop a powerful
marketing and sales strategy

Whether you are executing your own strategy or we are, let us get you off on the right foot with an effective marketing strategy.  Aside from speaking with your customers there are a dozen new ways to learn what is in your customers hearts, minds and actions.  We will use the latest technology to add this information to the mix of understanding your organization, stakeholders, the competition and your objectives to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy.

Integrating the marketing and sales strategy is critical to success.  Whether you use a CRM system or other method to pursue and record sales, we have worked the gamut of technologies to ensure that sales and marketing are in lock step.

Call us today for a complimentary exploration session.  Let us hear your needs and we will provide straight talk feedback with our initial impressions, suggestions and if we believe we are the best fit for your specific needs.

Create an effective
customer acquisition plan

We work across your organization with each customer touch point to be sure plans can be executed effectively.  Getting stakeholder buy-in is a key part of our and your success.

Based on your goals and strategy we will look at your budget and determine what marketing channels work best with your sales process, whether through a channel, sales team, online or brick and mortar.  From here we will develop a detailed plan with initiatives and tactics that identify owners and commitment dates for delivering on the plan.

Customer Acquisition Model.png

We're listening: Will we "get your business?"

Having worked with dozens of business types, industries, sales models and products / services.  While your business is unique, we are likely familiar with your industry and will come up to speed quickly to understand your nuances. We will not waste your time "learning your business."  We have a set of key questions to help us drill down quickly to understand organizational and customer needs in order to deliver results in a timely manner.

Call us today for a complimentary marketing assessment. We would enjoy hearing about your aspirations and your challenges. (336) 686 3382