Social Media for your business. WHY?

If it seems I'm down on Social Media for most businesses, it's because I am.  

It takes a plan, dedication and most importantly saying something people care about.  If you have all of those then go get em tiger. However, I am going to bet you don't.  

Even if you do have a plan, dedication and something worth saying, is it the best use of time or the money you are paying someone to do it? Do you get a return on your investment? Now, I'll double down on the "bet you don't".

The rarity of these stars aligning for most businesses occur as often as Halley's Comet. Which is about every 75 years.

So, what am I saying that you need to hear?

It's simple. Look at the results vs effort you get from social media content creation and posting.  If you have not done it yet, set a plan for one month and set measurable goals.  And no, Likes don't count.  But, sharing does! That means you had something to say people really cared about. What's even better is to measure new or repeat business if you can.

Last, after you have done this for a month or so, give it an honest look and determine if you are getting a good return on your efforts. And, what did you potentially stop doing that could have produced better business results?

I'm just saying don't hop on the social media train because everyone else is. Do it with good reason.

Please reply to this post.  I want to know how you measured your success and what your results were.