What sets mittkin apart from the rest...

From the Heart

Brutal Honesty
Can we help your business grow through better marketing?  Very likely.  However, if we can't or we are not the best partner for you we will tell you. There is nothing we want more than to deliver results that you can't wait to tell your business network about.

Now, this honesty goes the other way too. If we see unsurmountable hurdles in the organization, unrealistic objectives or just products/services that are shoddy, we will tell you that as well. On the upside we won't waste your time or money.

Why so upfront?  Honestly, we just can't help it.

Win Win Relationships
Shared knowledge is the path to success. We educate clients along the way to make them better marketers and experts in technology. Working side by side to solve their challenges is how we achieve the greatest results.

Building a Stronger Community
We enjoy taking an active role in the community.  Currently, volunteering with SCORE, a division of the Small Business Association is where we provide pro bono consulting to start ups and small businesses.  We love what we do, because we love to see businesses grow from the marketing solutions we deliver. No matter what community you are in, building a stronger business that delivers value and supports you, your family and community is important work.

From the Mind

World Class Marketing Expertise
We pride ourselves on utilizing and executing the marketing fundamentals that make marketing campaigns and websites deliver significant business results. Period.  

Regardless of the marketing channels, the technology behind them and the complexity of campaigns, we write exceptional copy, create design that attracts the eye and develop paths to conversion and simplifies the buying process. 

Technology Integration Expertise
Our extensive experience ranges from small businesses utilizing out of the box website builders to Fortune 500 enterprise solutions with customized platforms. Whether you have or need CRM and campaign automation integration, we work across the digital spectrum to deliver exceptional results.  

The Soft Skills that Matter Most
Getting your marketing, sales and support staff aligned on supporting marketing campaigns is critical to success.  We can help you create buy-in at all levels to ensure that the solutions developed are supported by stakeholders and can be executed with the resources you already have.


Call us today for a complimentary marketing assessment. We would enjoy hearing about your aspirations and your challenges. (336) 686-3382

Who we've worked with:

“Our mantra is to share knowledge and insights, so clients make informed
and practical decisions that deliver additive value to their marketing and sales.”
— - Peter Van Schaack
Peter Van schaack Managing Director

Peter Van schaack
Managing Director

Hello, thank you for taking the time to learn about mittkin and the value we can deliver to your organization.

Having worked on both the client and agency side I understand the challenges and frustration finding a marketing partner that is the right fit for your organization.

All I can ask is that you reach out so we can have a conversation.  Let's see if there is a fit.  At the very least consider it a networking opportunity that I believe will be invaluable.

I look forward to connecting.